Museum of Ideas within the project “Mezzodrom – the world open to L`viv” announces call for candidates for artistic residence in L`viv

Residence aims to create conditions for dialogue, exchange of experience and skills as more than geographic or ethnic boundaries and over boundaries between different disciplines of art and culture. We want cooperation between artists from many countries contributed to the disappearance of many myths and stereotypes toward understanding and creating innovative projects in art and culture.

The purpose of residence is also the promotion of cooperation between artists, curators, educators and cultural managers and other professionals in the field of art and culture internationally.

Residence Program “Mezzodrom – the world is open to the city” extends and deepens the artistic education by creating opportunities for city residents a direct contact with contemporary art and culture of different countries, opportunities for cooperation and co-creation with artists.

We want not only to L`viv was opened to the world, but the world was open to the city.

We invite residents to work in L`viv in the following areas:
– Traditional visual arts (painting, graphic arts, plastics)
– New visual art (graffiti, street art)
– Media arts
– Installations, performances
– Theatre – Performing Arts
– Traditional urban crafts
– Musical Art
– Cinematography
– Management of Culture
– Historians of Art

Candidates will be offered one month of creative work in Lviv.

For whom?
Organizers are looking for artists who are at the beginning of their career, and who create artifacts and cultural events, considering the specific historical environment multicultural city.

Museum of Ideas offers:
– Accommodation and food logistics (1 or 3 full time by agreement) in L`viv for a month
– Explore the history and culture of the city
– Explore the arts and cultural environment of L`viv
– Art studio. Workplace or environment, depending on the creative intentions of a resident. Attention! There is an opportunity to work in the workshop production of Blown Glass (in some conditions)
– Support materials logistics
– Ability to use the premises of the museum of ideas including courtyard and exhibition halls.
– Ability to use technical support of the Museum of Ideas (screens, video projectors, office equipment)
– Consulting and curators from the Museum of ideas or other artistic environment of the city
– Assistance of an interpreter (if necessary and as agreed)
– Publication in the annual directory of residences
– Profile on the website of the Museum of Ideas
– Promotion in the media
– Ability to participate in related cultural projects of the Museum of ideas and partner cultural institutions and the city
– The widest possible environment artists, culture, cultural managers in Western Ukraine

From residents expect:
1. The artist implement art, research or managerial project, agreed with the Museum of ideas at the time a decision on residence
3. The artist holds a lecture-presentation of his work
4. The artist holds a master class for children / youth / adults (agree details)
5. The artist provides a specified time materials for the annual directory of art residences “Mezzodrom – a world open to the city”
6. The artist is covering the costs of materials and tools for the work required for the project during residency and presentation of its results (MI Coordinator offers assistance in purchasing or leasing).
7. The artist covers the travel costs, accommodation costs and meals.
* In case of insufficient funds to implement the residence may be revoked or its conditions may be revised by approval of the resident.

Residence Program
1. Arrival
2. Acclimatization in L`viv
3. Presentation of the artist
5. Workshop on resident
6. Summary residence – exhibition, performance, performance. Other.
7. The annual directory

Resident should send:
1. Motivation letter explaining why the applicant is served at this residence (up to 1 p.)
2. Description of project-proposal (up to 1 p.)
3. CV
4. Samples of previous works (photos, other documentation. Please do not send originals)

Applications are sent to e-mail: @

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